Roof Refurbishments

We have carried out a wide range of roofing projects from small repairs to entire roof replacement. We are members of the confederation of roofing contractors and have been fully vetted

Failed roofThe roof felt had failed on this roof

We stripped the tiles back in the offending area

Reefing repair stage 1

Removed the batten and felt and check the joist ends

Reefing repair 2

We then install the undercloak, breathable membrane and treated battens

Reefing repair stage complete

Re-instate the tiles and re-point the edges

Full roof removalFull roof removal

This roof had been built very poorly, we removed the slates, felt, battens and then removed the entire timber structure.

New roof inside view

We built a new cut roof and then fitted a breathable membrane, batten and re-used the existing slates

Complete roof replacementA complete roof replacement

Complete roof refurbishmentA complete roof refurbishment

Ridge replacementRidge Replacement

Here we have completely removed the ridge tiles because the ridge was loose

Ridge replacement complete

We then clean all the rubble away and re-lay the ridge tiles

Ridge replacement complete and painted

In this case we coated the roof in red roof paint to protect it

Rafter replacement before imageRafter Replacement

We stripped the roof back to the bare rafters

Rafter replacement stage 1

Here we found the plate that supports the top of the rafters had rotted away

Rafter replacement stage 2

We cut out all the rotted timbers and re-newed the plate and fitted new rafters

Rafter replacement stage 3

Felt and battened the roof using a breathable membrane

Rafter replacement stage 4

Re-laying the first tiles

Rafter replacement stage 5

Nearly done

Rafter replacement completed

Finshed. We started this job at 8 am and had totally finshed by 3.30pm on the same day.

Before Picture











After Picture!


This is the before and after shot of a roof repair and skylight installation we did.

This took us about 3 to 4 hours, same day work!











B.UK Property Services Ltd carry out roof refurbishments throughout Essex, Suffolk, London and surrounding areas

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