We specialise in condensation control

Condensation Control

Positive Pressure FanWe specialise in condensation control because we recognise that this is an ongoing problem within the home and unless it is dealt with correctly will return time after time.
There is nothing worse than black mould growing on the walls of your home especially in your child’s bedroom.

Condensation creates a very unhealthy atmosphere and can be the cause of many breathing problems.

There are many products on the market which can completely eradicate the high volume of moisture within the air, every property is different when recommending a cure. The picture above shows a positive pressure fan which puts the house under 2lb of pressure and keeps a constant flow of clean fresh air circulating. it also dilutes down the moist air and creates a much healthier enviroment for the whole family, especialy those that suffer with breathing issues.

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Condensation Control - Before TreatmentBefore Treatment

Unsightly mould caused by condensation within the property, it smells and is extremely unhealthy.

Condensation Control - After TreatmentAfter Treatment

Clean treated walls. In this case the wallpaper was removed and all the wall were painted with an anti-fungal paint. We also fitted a positive pressure fan and over night the problem was solved. No more waking up to wet window seals. This family were so relieved.