How it started

My name is Lee Buchan and I started B.UK Property Services in 1996. I left school in 1986 and went to college to become an electrician for 3 years whilst working as an electricians mate on sites like Lord Rayleighs and Lloyds head offices. I then trained to be a building surveyor and worked for an Essex Based company for 7 years visiting up to 10 properties a day and identifying problems within that property and organising the works.

I then had an opportunity to work for a national company called countrywide property lettings, looking after the maintenance on many properties for big companies such as the highways agency who own many main road properties and tescos, lloyds/tsb, and various other smaller companies, this is when B.UK Property Services was formed. At this point I was employing tradesman all over London and I worked alongside a plumber for 4 years who trained me up to carry our all domestic plumbing.

Unfortunately after approx. 5 years of working for Countrywide they lost their contract with these companies and therefore the smaller companies like us did too. We had all our eggs in one basket with countrywide and so we almost had to start again. So we advertised in our local areas and began to build the foundations for the business slowly but surely. We now look after many of the local letting agents and we have found that our residential customers recommend us to there friends and due to this we have found ourselves working everyday and even through the recession we have not found it difficult to stay busy. We are very grateful to our customers loyalty and we hope if you are reading this and have never used our services that you give us a chance to prove to you that we are a company that wont let you down.